In Regards to Gents/ Custom Pant

Of late, with a collection coming along I am unable to be consistent with a website blogothing as this.

But I'm pleased to find there's been eager reception for the zipster series specifically in the hallmark piece as my lucky pant.

My life has been pulling me quite frankly in a direction literally in regards to les hommes- des garcons. Menswear is not only a gender-target market. IT is a concept, a philosophy of angles, power, silence, silhouette, minimalism, science, and beyond. (-rhetorical historical.)

As for zipster pant Yes! I am taking custom orders (one of a kind design). This is a limited concept and I look to accepting a small number of orders. The pant is unisex so female orders are encouraged. Custom orders will be initiated post CFW (march 2009).

Inquiries to swapahire@gmail.com
--->open to discuss details regarding design (silhouette, fit, fabric) and cost