--has probably been my most faithful orientation, in relation to design process.

Until just recently, I did not observe this direction as an almost blatantly linear path of my life This is could well be a matter of my allergy to [scholastic] math and sciences and many academically structured studies. But in no way does this imply anything in relation to my intellectual aptitude and captitude for them...People use various strategies to search for themselves but many don't really do this with any prospect of "finding" the self. For me, it is easier to return to myself when I am in a meditative state in respects to what I am "doing" as my priority in life. Most of us call this "occupation." It could be a job, hobby, or distraction from anything and everything. It could also become a part of you long before you knew it or anyone outside of you. Most of them don't last forever anyways (jobs/hobbies/distractions) and can approach your being at any given point--so I 'm not speaking of fate vs coincidence or individual capabilities or finding one's "calling."

I could not have understood that my personal frustration with classroom math in the past would be a frustration that needed to be fed by something considered the opposite. But, today, while I am devoting my entire lifestyle to the love of my life and actually consider it a favor done for me, I find that most things do not have opposites and that actually everything is related to one another at some point.

Yesterday=math and science made me sick

Today=art/create/fashion design..tech-savy design from 1st creation --the present

Tomorrow= marriage of sci+art= tech design

Development is underway.

As is an optimism for something both very near and very future.

Tid bit of childrenhood:

(Reminds me of some dress suits @ work circa Junya Watanabe.)