Design Aesthetic Terminology: Apocalyptic/Post- Apocalyptic


A friend of mine (G.R.) @ the library recently brought up something she's been speculating w/some individuals in regards to "Apocalyptic Fashion," or __________. Last time I checked, she was still in the fill-in-the-blank stage but generally speaking, there is an emphasis on the thought- but with greater ellaboration which includes optimism.
Like G.R. , I am also feeling atune to the postitive scape of an apocalypse style and here is what I think.

(Note: this is merely and entirely opinion)

Because of the definition of the descriptive word- apocalyptic- there is a human reaction that, as an emotional impulse, urges us to hither into what we percieve as the end of the world in relation to US as the fickle powerless/-ful individuals that we are. So we identify the circumstance with darkness and black: gothic-ism, chains, death in the form of deconstructed pieces-spend a moment flipping through Japanese style and someone (esp. someone non-Japanese) will mention the word... On the other hand, many reference the post-era as the cleanly tailored, minimalistic and white, tech-design that registers as "futuristic" to rest of us.

G. R and I touched on this but like I said we both agreed that it is not about these ego-sponsered characteristics of the term that we wanted to refer to-but rather how can one define _____fashion? And apocalyptic is a valid choice for both of us which may eventually have different reasoning. Which is a good thing, since the whole point is to venture out of today's definition. I believe she was hoping to find a thread of words and definitions which encapsulate a more environmental and current economic applicaton approach.

That is where I've left off with G.R. and I think that since then, I've realized that in my circumstance, maybe for her as well, apocalyptic does not refer literally at all, but rather directly implies itself to the second word--fashion. Although this eventually relates to the condition of our wallets, I am feeling a more socio-econonomic theory.....

Loosely speaking, Apocalyptic Design is simply an aesthetic, concept, design element, ---applied to a particular piece or group of pieces, which is ahead of its time- not necessarilly in the "futuristic" sense but rather the application has an appeal to so few (whether it be in a haute manner or ugly or useless/ful manner) at first and the appeal has a high potential to evolve (refer to: prophetic style). It can evolve and expand by filtering into the pop majority to some significant degree but by then it may no longer be described as apocalyptic. Likewise, perhaps post-apocalyptic means this is the end of the "mainstream consumer" because evidently at this point the mainstream needs don't meet the "individual style" demands. This is the fashion that refers to the fall of the Ed Hardys (in progress), Macys (also in progress), Prada, Coach, Ray Ban, Marc Jacobs, Galliano, etc. Although the thought of that day coming, is a thought which ignites the same kind of fear and insecurity as an actual apocalypse.

The "clean&white futuristic tailored" fashion doesn't necessarilly have to associate to the post-era as a single definition. Rather, I would call it something more flexible than that ..which is exactly what it is..and so "post-apocalyptic" is just a fashionable choice that some of us make in an open-ended but wise manner. Personally to me, my post-apocalypse is when I do not chose to design or wear a piece because of it's reference point, but rather the immediate aesthetic that it emanates.


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(November 2008)